note to self.

I’ve realized many things, and although I’m only 24 I feel much wiser. I’ve struggled a lot more than most 24 year old and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of the lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve realized that when people are upset, irrelevant things are mentioned. If you’re upset why insult people? Does it make us feel better to know we can go as low as saying things that may hurt deeper than we understand? Do we enjoy insulting people, to feel as if we won? When you’re upset learn to think before you speak, that way later on you aren’t apologizing like an ass hole…. because truly you made an ass of yourself.

I’ve realized that asking for favors means subtly that you may have to pretend to be kind to that someone. Usually when people ask you favors, they commence with something sweet, funny, apologetic; just to ask you for a favor. Most of the time we understand that that person may not even care for us, or care for what we may say, due to them feeling entitled. You may be less than them in their mind, so I say fuck it. (sounds like a rant I KNOW). Truly though, why pretend to like someone when asking a favor? I’ve realized that I rather not have to ask for favors, so then I won’t have to pretend to like someone. Hypocrite, that’s the word.

I’ve realized people will always speak about you whether you’re successful, or smoking weed on your couch. People just want to know your business. People will speak about you, without knowing your life. Who is anyone to judge you? Who are you to judge anyone? God? Is that who we think we are now, we feel entitled to say whatever we’d like whenever we’d like. Why? Well because we demand, without consent. If people are to speak upon your life and what you are doing, I hope they are paying your light bills ladies and gentlemen. Otherwise, have them mind their business.

I may not be 96 years old, but I’m 24 and not stupid. Luckily. I’m wise enough to know, and understand. I’m wise enough to feel, and respond accordingly. I’m also over the hypocritical words that I’m tested with on a daily basis.


Note to self, tell those people to fuck off politely.  



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