to eat or not to… eat meat.

Ok, so we all have seen the documentaries on Netflix about “how meat is made”, well they are gross. It’s also inhumane in my opinion of course, not up for debate. 

I mean, I’ve watched it, and well it’s gross. I’m an animal lover, but I feel wrong because I’m eating animals. I mean not all animals, but that doesn’t make it okay to me.  Well, I’m inbetween because well I don’t eat pork or red meat just chickens. (LOL) whoever says that it’s dumb, I’ve been saying that too. Chickens, are you know mass production so it’s whatever I’ll eat them and not eat any other meat;”that makes it better”. Well it’s not true because with all the hormones these chickens are doped up with, along with the space they have to actually be a chicken. It’s gross. Like why do I even eat chicken? 

Well because I believed I needed it, I thought I would never be able to ever not eat meat. I thought it was a joke because chik fil a chicken is the Well no, I don’t need chicken. I need whatever I decide I need.

Which is a challenge to me now, don’t eat meat. Eat properly, with plenty of good nutrients that aren’t in my chik fil a sandwich. I have to have self control on what I decide to have enter my body. 
I have not ate meat in a longer period of time that I didn’t imagine I could, I’m okay with so much more food. I get to now explore my tastebuds and create flavorful food that makes me feel good. I’m happy with this choice.


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