I’m not upset, I’m bothered.


Land of the “Free”, “The Melting Pot” and a bunch of bullshit.

Yes, bullshit because let’s face it, there is seriously no other sugar coated word that would fit the best description of America. Growing up (being in my twenty whatevers now) I took America a lot more serious, probably as serious as I took my grades during high school. With hopes of you know, becoming successful…. get an education… be awesome.
Well I’ve realized I’ve made a mistake, and that mistake is that I clearly didn’t think the world would change…. Ever. I also didn’t think that people would ever listen. Listen.. well listen to each other, love one another, and over all just be their selves. Growing up it was difficult, it was difficult to understand why life seemed so good, why everyone seemed so understanding of one another. Well, surprise people. We are in the limelight of defining ourselves, we define ourselves so much that we also think we are God. LOL (no pun intended).

Why are we so concerned about what other people are doing, rather than what we are doing?

Simple, your life sucks and well the other people pouncing around they are just living their damn lives. FANCY THAT! People are actually living their lives, their way. Others are just sitting there playing God, and well let’s just judge everyone…. all of the time. Literally, my Facebook is full of people whining. Whining is a polite word also, I almost think it’s nagging at this point. We are so damn worried about who’s gay, who isn’t gay, if someone has a penis, or maybe they’ve changed into a vagina. We also are concerned with how many naked pictures Kim Kardashian decides to expose, and whether or not Kylie Jenner’s lips are coming to an end of expansiveness. We are worried about whether a black, white, or Muslim person were the one who committed the crime, because fuck it that matters more than the lives lost.

Well…. I’m over it.

Genuinely, over it. Can we get back to worrying about shit that matters?!
  • The environment, and how we are completely shitting on it. 
  • Solar power, because why not save the Earth and money?
  • Animals, and how we keep eating like little pigs until our resources die out 
  • Our children, keep giving them your phone every time they cry. (Great parenting)
  • How to self sustain, did ya’ll know it’s illegal in the country to go off the grid? 
  • Our families, let’s love one another and show each other respect on how to coexist. 
  • Countries over seas, their poverty, their people, their need for resources and help. 


  • The food companies, they distribute shit to us and here we go eating shit.
  • Tolerating diversity, we are all humans in our own ways.
There are so many other things that matter, we as people matter. Why aren’t we more concerned about personal gain during helping others and just be alive, well and awesome. Why not? Well the Kardashians aren’t going to pay your bills. Donald Trump as the presidential candidate isn’t going to build you your own wall, and let’s just face it we aren’t pigs, or experimental subjects. We also are not God, yes how unfortunate you don’t have the right to go around and kill people just for them not being you.

We are humans. We are love, we are The People. 


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