I’m not upset, I’m bothered.

America. Land of the “Free”, “The Melting Pot” and a bunch of bullshit. Yes, bullshit because let’s face it, there is seriously no other sugar coated word that would fit the best description of America. Growing up (being in my twenty whatevers now) I took America a lot more serious, probably as serious as I […]

My new fascination 

So I found my new hobby, researching mosquitoes. Not only because I live in Florida, but clearly my blood is extra hot on their menu. So, this is it :  Quite interesting that only female mosquitoes feed on blood, due to the protein and iron in our blood which helps them provide nourishment to their […]

note to self.

I’ve realized many things, and although I’m only 24 I feel much wiser. I’ve struggled a lot more than most 24 year old and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of the lessons I’ve learned. I’ve realized that when people are upset, irrelevant things are mentioned. If you’re upset why insult people? Does it make […]

cooking romance.

mmmmmm… when I cook I’m in love.  When I cook all I feel is romance, smelling all the aromas from the food makes me extremely happy. Why? Well because it smells so good, I mean not as great as my grandmother’s Cuban cooking, but damn. It smells good, then I’m funny; I never actually taste […]

to eat or not to… eat meat.

Ok, so we all have seen the documentaries on Netflix about “how meat is made”, well they are gross. It’s also inhumane in my opinion of course, not up for debate.  I mean, I’ve watched it, and well it’s gross. I’m an animal lover, but I feel wrong because I’m eating animals. I mean not […]

Forever 21.

There comes a time when you have to grow up, like literally you have no choice but to get your shit together. Love your life and live it to the fullest, maturely.  Some rather be spiteful and petty, show off their immaturity … Well because then they are accepted by their true selves. Growing up, […]


Wednesdays are like a battlefield. Middle of the week, ready for the weekend but you still have work to do to get there. Wednesdays are weird, they are in between.